IV Intergovernmental Council of the Ibero-American Initiative to Prevent and Eliminate Violence against Women

On November 17, 2022, in Punta del Este - Uruguay, the IV Intergovernmental Council (CIG) of the Initiative was held, which brought together 11 member countries and guests: Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay. This CIG was sponsored by the National Institute for Women of Uruguay, the country that houses the Technical Unit of the Initiative, and led by the Presidency in charge of the Ministry of Women of the Dominican Republic.

The CIG meeting resulted in important advances in the preparation of the Annual Operating Plan for the year 2023 and in the agreements regarding financial and in-kind commitments by the countries, with the task of giving sustainability to the Initiative. Likewise, the substantive activities committed by Uruguay in the operational planning of this year were carried out: the Workshop "Intervention with men to prevent violence against women" and the Open Conference "Tools for cultural change to work with men who exercise violence of genre".

The meeting ended with great satisfaction, redoubling the commitment and effort of the countries to support this space that has become the first permanent platform for Ibero-American cooperation that seeks to put an end to one of the most urgent social problems in our countries, as it is violence against women.

We strongly encourage more countries to appropriate this privileged space for exchange by joining the joint work.