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IV Conferencia Iberoamericana de Género. Iniciativa Iberoamericana para Prevenir y Eliminar la Violencia contra las Mujeres, una poderosa herramienta que permite avanzar en el logro de una vida libre de violencia en Iberoamérica. - Mujeres libres de violencia en Iberoamérica
IV Ibero-American Gender Conference. Ibero-American Initiative to Prevent and Eliminate Violence against Women, a powerful tool that allows progress in achieving a life free of violence in Ibero-America.

under the motto "Towards an inclusive, democratic and sustainable Ibero-America", the ministers and high authorities of the Ibero-American Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women, met in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, within the framework of the IV Ibero-American Gender Conference, organized by the Ministry of Women of the Dominican Republic , regarding the Pro Tempore Secretariat of the Ibero-American Conference, which the country holds until March 2023, under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB).

The purpose of the Conference was high-level political dialogue, the achievement of commitments and agreements to advance towards the gender equality agenda in the countries of the Ibero-American Community.

It had official delegations from Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and Venezuela. as well as with representatives of international organizations such as UN Women, ECLAC, UNDP and prominent feminists in the region.

The event was chaired by the Minister for Women of the Dominican Republic, Mayra Jiménez, the Ibero-American Secretary General, Andrés Allamand, the Vice Minister of Foreign Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rubén Silié and the closing ceremony was headed by the President of the Dominican Republic , Luis Abinader Corona.

In the opening remarks, Mrs. Mayra Jiménez pointed out that Ibero-America still faces great challenges to untie the structural knots of gender inequalities, which exclude, discriminate and limit women from being active subjects of development. Among them, he mentioned the inhumane violence, the trafficking of women as part of organized crime, the large wage gaps in income and social protection, the greater burden of unpaid work, among others, acknowledging the aggravating factors resulting from intersectionality. from other cleavages of inequality such as age, ethnicity, migration status, disability, among others.

He reinforced the need to redouble this commitment to women, placing the Ibero-American Initiative to Prevent and Eliminate Violence against Women, as a powerful tool that allows progress in that direction.

For his part, Mr. Andrés Allamand, also collected the contribution of the Ibero-American Initiative to Prevent and Eliminate Violence against Women, which is currently chaired by the Dominican Republic, and soon by Spain, and made a special invitation motivating the rest of countries that are not yet part to join.

Presentation of the Initiative

Throughout the days of the Conference, the Ibero-American Initiative to Prevent and Eliminate Violence against Women It was highlighted and valued by different authorities, which made it possible to generate a space for exchange with representatives of other countries to encourage their incorporation. Likewise, it was placed as part of the agenda items, with the presentation made by Mrs. Sergia Galván, Adviser to the Ministry of Women of the Dominican Republic, the country that presides over the Initiative.

The declaration

After two days of work, the conference statement approved by consensus among all the countries present, advocates for a new development model in search of a more just, equitable, inclusive and democratic Ibero-America, placing gender equality and full equal and substantive participation at the center of sustainable development, and their autonomy in all spheres of public and private life and decision-making spaces, as an essential condition.


The closing of the meeting was in charge of the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, who highlighted the unwavering commitment to continue working towards the transformation of the living conditions of women, their future and that of their families, even in recent difficult times such as those who have had to live.

In his speech, the president stressed the importance of strengthening prevention and care services for violence against women, continuing to promote policies for equality, towards the full enjoyment of cultural and collective human rights by citizens, as well as supporting the promotion of economic policy mechanisms and tools with a gender perspective that contribute to reducing poverty in all its dimensions and inequality, closing social gaps and improving access to basic services.

In turn, he emphasized the Ibero-American Initiative to Prevent and Eliminate Violence against Women, as the first permanent Ibero-American cooperation platform on the prevention and elimination of violence against women that seeks to become a regional and international benchmark, highlighting its six lines of work: Prevention of violence against women; Measuring the economic cost of violence against women; Prevention and care of violence against women in emergency situations; Analysis of the effects of women's economic empowerment on the risk of incidence of violence; Production of data and statistics on violence against women and emerging forms of violence against women.

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